Another world is possible.

The Young Never Sleep Studio

is a speculative media lab and network of living archives.  

Our work is rooted in understanding the necessity of imagination to advance society.
We believe another world is possible, and visualize these worlds through art & speculative design. 

Creating a new world starts with imagining it.


Expanding the science of information.
Through interdisciplinary research, we are working to develop regenerative,
contextually aware, embodied & empathic technologies.

Part of our core aim is expanding the understanding and applications of the vast & varied fields of information science.
Technoculture (culture as technology) is a brand new word we made up to label the philosophy that anchors this body of ongoing research.

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Outcomes as a Service.
Information economies and net-zero infrastructure for regenerative futures.

︎ Corp. is a for-profit multinational infrastructure conglomerate. ︎ will focus on building research-driven information networks to accelerate the development of citizen-owned decentralized platforms, spatial computing software, and hardware, with the aim of establishing regenerative information economies & infrastructure for a net zero future.

︎ is our chance to reclaim technology as an inherent part of what it means to be us. Through applied research, experimentation, product design, product deployment and community service, our interdisciplinary network of citizens will work together to actualize the development of new platforms, systems, products and ways of being.

︎ is a reset, an opening to a new world.