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YOO as You

Identity spectrum as proof and pathway to many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.



Technoculture as a Method to Unlock
The Vast, Untapped Potentials of Outcomes
as a Service Through Personalized, Contextual AI Softwares, Individualized Wellness Experiences
& Global Health Systems Noosphere Integration.

Building upon a culmination of over a decade of research,
our focus is aimed at developing a unified theory of integrated information or Technoculture. We define Technoculture as “living technology”, recognizing that all technology (tools, cultures, customs, traditions, social systems, etc.) emerge from & interact with living systems. This includes living organisms that could be considered “conscious”. With this, we propose that cultural media & expression represent a time-bound record of universally evolving consciousness (i.e. self-stimulation) through Technoculture.  Supported by research in new media art, mathematics, physics, biochemistry, culture theory, information theory, quantum gravity theory, and more, we show that Technocutlure emerges from complex living systems, and work to examine the implications of this as it relates to the development of new integrative platforms, systems & products. With this we anticipate that the continued integration of information technologies, including but not ilmited to: spatial computing, mixed reality, decentralixed finance, new media, healthcare, additive manufacturing, biotechnology, arts & humanities, will lead to the emergence of fully immersive simulated realities as the long term trajectory of the outcomes as a service market. 

This unified theory establishes the framework for an ever-evolving, decentralized, second-life platform called Communion.
O Corp, as the first organization to execute this framework.
YOO: a software-first platform developed by O Corp in it’s mission to realize the full potential of an outcomes as a service, net zero infrastructure.

Methods & Processes:


Everything, Everywhere, All at Once

Branden M. Collins as The Young Never Sleep

Ami Sueki as Zoo

Communion as O Corp


From systems-thinking to software-first and outcomes as a service.

Playable Memories: Exploring the Possibilities of Mixed Reality Gaming

Cosmosapiens: Imagining Transdigital Pandrogenous Futures

New Extractivism

Teleportation Beta :
Long-term potentials of decentralized, local-global manufacturing networks.

Technoculture: Toward a Unified Theory of Integrated Information

Contributions from:

O Inc.The Big Up Creative Collective, Wonderful World of Creative Collective,