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Technoculture : Culture as Living Technology, Toward a Unified Theory of Integrated Information

My focus today is aimed at building upon the culmination of my research, toward a unified theory of information and the development of “living technologies”. I define “living technologies” or Technoculture as any information technology (tools, cultures, customs, traditions, social systems, etc.) that emerge from & interact with living systems. This includes living organisms that could be considered “conscious”. With this, we propose that cultural media & expression represent a time-bound record of universally evolving consciousness (i.e. self-stimulation) through living technologies.  Supported by research in mathematics, physics, biochemistry, culture theory, information theory, quantum gravity theory, and more, we show that Technocutlure emerges from complex living systems, and work to examine the implications of this as it relates to the development of new platforms, systems & products.

This unified theory will establish the foundation for an ever-evolving, decentralized, second-life platform called Communion.

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